What kind of things are being made as part of the 'Ichiro-Iro' project?

The 'Ichiro-Iro' project offers 'tools for the real you' to create a lifestyle crafted to your personality, giving you a space purely your own to use in everyday living.

Set up and stow away to suit your space: Chabu breathes new life into the traditional "chabudai"
Back in the days when Japan largely sat on the floor, a low table called a chabudai could be found in every home. The chabudai has long served as a multipurpose piece of furniture. Used for meals, it becomes a dining table, and when a guest comes, it is brought out to create an instant living room. Having served its purpose, it can be folded and stood upright, or stored in a cupboard. The chabudai is a versatile item of furniture that can be set up and stowed away to suit the space.
"Chabu" is a low table that offers a fresh take on what has always been the chabudai's greatest advantage – that the user can bring it out and store it away to suit the space – but with a contemporary twist. With a new, softer design featuring rounded corners, Chabu complements not just traditional Japanese-style rooms, but any room at all, including modern living rooms. Featherlight, it's a breeze to set up and put away. Chabu is made without nails, using dowel joints, and its construction, in which the legs are fixed to avoid wobbling, follows the time-honored design.
The tabletop comes in four color options – natural, gray, pink and blue – to suit the ambiance of the room. Sizes are L and S. L is large enough of course for children to study or play on, and also to be used as an everyday low table, eg as an extra table to bring out when friends call round. The S Chabu can function as an individual tray for dining, for children to use playing house, or perhaps even to take on a picnic with a book and some coffee. The only limit is your imagination.
Designed by Yota Kakuda Design

Japanese linden plywood, top: melamine laminate
(top) natural, gray, pink, blue
(L) W850×D500×H60, (S) W425×D250×H38mm (folded)
(L) W850×D500×H328, (S) W425×D250×H143mm (open)
(L) ¥29,400, (S) ¥26,250

"bend" – a mirror to hang on the wall or fold and stand
The "bend" is a mirror that can be hung on the wall, or folded and placed upright on a flat surface. By sandwiching canvas between sheets of plywood as an alternative to metal hinges, the main section of the mirror serves as one large hinge. Grooves cut right to the edge of the canvas are fixed at exactly the right angle for a folding mirror. The mirror returns naturally to its flat state when picked up, a hole for a hook allowing it to be hung on the wall.
The "bend" mirror comes in two sizes: L and S. Designed wide and almost square, the mirror is easy to look in to, and can be used in all sorts of places. Choose from four chic colors: black, dark green, pink and beige. The "bend" is one mirror you'll look forward to facing every morning.
Designed by Shigeki Fujishiro (shigeki fujishiro design)

Japanese linden plywood, melamine laminate, canvas
black, dark green, pink, beige
(L) W270×H412×D10, (S) W200×H336×D10mm (used as wall mirror)
(L) W270×H245×D147, (S) W200×H202×D123mm (tabletop use)
(L) ¥10,500, (S) ¥8,400 (tax included)

koloro-wagon can be in wagon by stacking a storage box three.
The koloro-wagon is a mobile wagon made up of three stacking storage boxes. Each box has an L-shaped handle, allowing them to be separated and carried like baskets. Handles can also be stood vertically and fixed inside the boxes as supports for stacking. Wagons come with wooden wheels.
Boxes come in a choice of two color combinations: A (sky blue, white, yellow) and B (dark green, pink, gray). Use different-colored boxes for different purposes to suit your family's needs: children's toys, mom's hobby equipment, dad's documents...

Size:W473×D340×H660/H840mm(including handle)
Material:Polyester-topped Plywood, lauan plywood, Ash round bar
Color:A (Sky blue, White, Yellow), B (Dark green, Pink, Gray)

koloro-desk : a place to 'nest' at ease
The koloro-desk has windows in various locations. Its design is that of a small private room, where windows can be opened for a more airy, accessible feel, or closed when you don't want to be disturbed. Lighting, potted plants and such can be added, and there are windows for placing the occasional ornament, hooks for bags, and a cord manager allowing PC use. Arrange the koloro-desk to make a study for Dad, a play area for a child, a hobby space, or whatever you would like it to be.

Material:Polyester-topped Plywood, White Ash
Color:Yellow, Sky Blue, White, Pink, Khaki, Navy

koloro-stool complete with storage capacity
Designed to complement the koloro-desk, the koloro-stool is shaped like a vaulting horse.
Underneath the soft cushioned seat is a box for storage ideal for toys and other small miscellaneous items.

Size: W378×D434×H530 or H430mm
Material : Plywood, White Ash, Fabric
Fabric color:White, Gray, Dark Gray, light Blue, Green Fabric by mina perhonen : fogland,pacific

Schola Desk with storage space under the top
Compact desk with a lid that opens up to reveal storage space, inspired by the English school desk. A no-waste design using a single sheet of plywood.
Designed by Yota Kakuda

Schola Desk
Size: W440×D390×H720mm
Material: Polyester-topped Plywood
Color:Green, Light Gray, Coral Pink, Coral Pink

Schola Stool reminiscent of seat in art classroom
Stool designed to go with the Schola Desk, resembling a seat in a school arts-and-crafts classroom.
Can also be used as a side table.
Designed by Yota Kakuda

Schola Stool
Size: W300×D300×H440
Material: Polyester-topped Plywood
Color : Green, Light Gray, Coral Pink

Dowel-blocks joined by doweling to create multiple shapes
Fun polyester decorative plywood blocks can be joined with doweling to form various shapes ? The only limit is your imagination. Holes on five sides allows the blocks to be connected three-dimensionally in an infinite number of ways.

Size : W240×H240×D36(18×2)mm
Material : Polyester-topped Plywood

koloro-stand made using off-cuts from the koloro-desk
Bookstand born out of a desire to make use of polyester decorative plywood offcuts. Comes in nine different models and various color combinations.

Material: Polyester-topped Plywood
Series: One-color:3 types× 4 colors
Two-toned: 6 types× color variations

Colorful patterned polyester decorative plywood koloro-magnets
Magnets made in a multiplicity of patterns and hues from polyester plywood. Combine colors to create unexpected shapes and looks. Use on whiteboards to liven up any office space with vibrant color, or on the fridge: kids will love them!

Size: 60×60mm
Material: Polyester-topped Plywood
Series: Grain series : 6 type of combination
Color series : 6 type of combination

Please direct any inquiries to the following. iro@ichirodesign.jp